General Information

Westlaw provides online access for Albany Law School students and professors to U.S. federal and state law sources as well as sources of international law and the laws of a growing number of other jurisdictions.

All Albany Law School students and faculty are provided with a Westlaw ID.  Westlaw requires all users to register their accounts. During the registration process, users will create a OnePass custom username and password.

Beginning July 30, 2013, students can no longer print Westlaw documents at no charge.  

Students may only use Westlaw for academic purposes; that is, for research related to coursework. All students also have access to Westlaw's new legal research system called " WestlawNext.

How to Access Westlaw
Go to: www.lawschool.westlaw.com and type in your Westlaw Password or your Username and Password. (You must register your Westlaw Password in order to use it.)

Westlaw Summer Access for Continuing Students 

A student's password automatically includes a limited number of​ hours of access on each platform (WestlawNext and Westlaw Classic) during each month of June and July.

Westlaw Summer Password Extension
for Continuing Students (starting June 1)

Continuing students have the option of extending full access to Westlaw over the summer if they meet one or more of the following educational purposes:

  • -Summer Law School Classes and study abroad programs​
  • -Law Review or Journal work - including write-on competitions
  • -Research assistant or Project for a professor 
  • -Moot Court 
  • -Unpaid/non-profit public interest internship/externship or pro-bono work required for graduation.

Eligible students will need to update their registration at http://lawschool.westlaw.com/registration/summerextension.asp and they must agree that they will use their password for educational purposes. 

Westlaw Graduate Password Extension

Graduating students who need Westlaw access to prepare for the bar examination can extend their passwords through the Graduate Elite program until November 2015 if graduating in May and through June if graduating in December. Please note that this extension will be limited in the number of hours allowed. All graduates will also automatically retain access to a number of career-related databases for 18 months following graduation.

To request this extension, students will need to update their registration at http://lawschool.westlaw.com/registration/summerextension.asp

Technical Support
The Albany Law Library sponsors Westlaw introductory and refresher training sessions throughout the academic year for students who would like hands-on instruction. The sessions are taught by our Westlaw account representative. Information on trainings and other activities are posted to the Westlaw at Albany Law Facebook page.

Answers to many technical support issues can be found on the Web site ( www.lawschool.westlaw.com, click on Survival Guide) or by contacting our account representative, Holly Rush, at 1-413-841-0996, or  holly.rush@thomsonreuters.com or our student rep: Kirsten Dunn. Faculty and students can also contact Westlaw directly at 1-800-306-9378 or by e-mail at west.academic@thomson.com.

Helpful Resources

Register Your Passwood Demo
Westlaw Overview (.pdf)
Westlaw Research Guide (.pdf)
Intro. to Westlaw Next (.pdf)