LexisAdvance provides online access for Albany Law School students and professors to U.S. federal and state law sources as well as sources of international law and the laws of a growing number of other jurisdictions.

Students can print Lexis documents at no charge if they send the documents to the respective "standalone" Lexis printers assigned to their LexisAdvance ID. There is a standalone printer on the Main Floor of the Library in the Lexis room near the Library Circulation Desk and in the print room on the top floor of the Library. To print a Lexis document at no charge, be sure to use the appropriate print icon on the Lexis web pages. Clicking "file-print" or the browser toolbar print icon sends print jobs to the school's five cent per page printers!

Students may only use LexisAdvance for academic purposes; that is, for research related to coursework.

Lexis for Microsoft Office (LMO) is also available for download.  This new program will speed access to LexisNexis, the open web, and locally stored documents within Microsoft Word and Outlook, and will help faculty and students when drafting legal documents. 

LexisNexis also offers a Web Courses system that is an adapted version of the Blackboard Learning System called Blackboard Learn.

How to Access LexisNexis/Lexis Advance
All Albany Law School students and faculty are provided with a LexisAdvance ID.  Lexis requires all users to register their accounts. During the registration process, users have the opportunity to create an optional custom username and password.

To use LexisNexis, go to: www.lexisnexis.com/lawschool and enter your activation code in order to create a custom ID and password. 

LexisNexis/Lexis Advance Summer Access for Continuing Students

No registration for summer access is required if a student already haa a registered Lexis Advance ID. Students will have unlimited access to all legal and news contents to be used for ALL purposes.   

LexisNexis/Lexis Advance Access for Graduating Students

Full access to Lexis for students graduating in May 2015 will automatically continue through the end of July. Through the Lexis Law School Graduate Program, all graduating students can apply for free extended access to Lexis Advance through the end of December 2015. Graduates conducting verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work may instead sign up for the Lexis ASPIRE Program, which will permit job-related access to Lexis Advance for the duration of the public interest work, even if beyond December.

How to Enroll in LexisNexis Web Courses

  • Go to http://www.lexisnexis.com/lawschool
  • Log in using your LexisAdvanceCustom ID and password
  • Click on the grey tab labeled "Web Courses"
  • Click on the "Access Web Courses"
  • Click on the tabs at the top of the page labeled "Courses"
  • On the right side of the page, scroll through the names of the schools
  • Click on "Albany Law School"
  • Locate the name of the course and click on the box next to the name of the course (select "enroll").

Plagiarism Detection
LexisNexis also has a plagiarism-checking service called SafeAssign available through their course web page platform.  If professors would like to use SafeAssign, they can set up a LexisNexis course page for their course and have students upload papers themselves or contact our LexisNexis representative, Aaron Eberle, for assistance. The library staff can run a check as well if professors send them an electronic copy of the paper. To do so, contact the library. 

Technical Support
Albany Law's Schaffer Law Library sponsors LexisNexis introductory and refresher training sessions throughout the academic year for students who would like hands-on instruction. The sessions are taught by our LexisNexis account representative. Information on trainings and other activities are posted to the LexisNexis for Albany Law Facebook page.

Answers to many technical support issues can be found on the Web site ( http://support.lexisnexis.com/lawschool/) or by contacting our account representative, Aaron Eberle, at 1-800-45LEXIS, or aaron.eberle@lexisnexis.com or our student reps, Dana Bergmann, Eamon Rock and Travis Roher.

Helpful Resources