Government Law Center

New York's preeminent legal and policy research center

Mission: The Government Law Center at Albany Law School Conducts Interdisciplinary Study, Research and Analysis Regarding Government and the Public Interest

To carry out its mission, the GLC educates students and engages faculty in promoting public policy analysis, good government reform efforts and public service. With a historic focus on state and local issues, the GLC nevertheless assists government at all levels—local, state, national and international—to address pressing social, legislative and administrative challenges in ways that are innovative, scalable, efficient and effective, while also exposing students, faculty and alumni to opportunities that promote public service. The GLC collaborates in a non-partisan fashion with key partners in government and the private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors to further its mission. 

To these ends, the GLC has the following initiatives:

Economic Development and the Law:

Creating engines for economic growth and systems that promote economic justice
  • Within this initiative, the GLC focuses on the following issue areas:
  • Job Creation and Business Development
  • Inequality and Human Rights
  • Environmental Law and Sustainable Development
  • The Law of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Technologies
  • Regulation of Financial Markets
  • Equine, Racing and Gaming Law

Innovations in Governance:

Developing practical and inspired solutions to the challenges of governance
  • Within this initiative, the GLC focuses on the following issue areas:
  • Climate Change Management and Emergency Preparedness
  • Government Ethics
  • Local Government Structure and Governance         
  • Public Safety and Policy-Community Relations

Law and Social Innovation:

Crafting creative approaches to meeting social needs

Within this initiative, the GLC focuses on the following issue areas:

  • Urban Development and Smart Cities
  • Health Law
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Access to Justice
  • Law and Aging


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