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    • Hill, Dorothy E.

    • Hutter, Michael J.The New York Law Journal in its Feb 4, 2015 edition published his bi-monthly Evidence column. This column addressed and criticized the recent First Department decision in Ambac v. Countrywide which recognized a broad new exception to NY's waiver by disclosure rule.

    • Heverly, RobertRobert A. Heverly, The State Of Drones: State Authority to Regulate Drones, 8 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 029 (2015) 8.1.0029-Heverly.pdf

    • Connors, Patrick M.

      Courts Reconsider Rule Permitting Use of Affidavits on CPLR 3211(a)(7) Motion, 253 (no. 12) New York Law Journal (January 20, 2015)

    • Queenan, Rosemary“School’s Out for Summer: But Should it Be?,” Journal of Law and Education (forthcoming, Spring 2015).papers.cfm

    • Breger, MelissaTransforming Cultural Norms of Sexual Violence Against Women, Journal of Research in Gender Studies, Volume 4(2), 2014papers.cfm

    • Redwood, James D.The Incense Maker, 37 (No. 2) The Chariton Review 51 (Fall 2014)

    • Brescia, Raymond H.The Community Reinvestment Act: Guilty, but Not as Charged, 88 St. John’s Law Review 1 (2014)papers.cfm

    • Breger, MelissaNew York Law of Domestic Violence, Cumulative Supplement 2014 (co-authors Judge Elkins, Deseiree Kennedy, Jill Zuccardy)100228708

    • Brescia, Raymond H.The Price of Crisis: Eminent Domain, Local Governments, and the Value of Underwater Mortgages, Temple Journal of Civil & Political Rights (2014)papers.cfm

    • Chung, Christine Sgarlata Government Budgets As The Hunger Games: The Brutal Competition For State and Local Government Resources Given Municipal Securities Debt, Pension and OBEP Obligations, And Taxpayer Needs, 33 Review of Banking and Financial Law 663 (2014)papers.cfm

    • Chung, Christine Sgarlata Zombieland/the Detroit Bankruptcy: Why Debts Associated with Pensions, Benefits, and Municipal Securities Never Die... and How They Are Killing Cities Like Detroit, 41 Fordham Urban Law Journal 771 (2014)

    • Connors, Patrick M.Court's Decisions Include Resolution of Nonparty Disclosure Conflict, 252 (no. 38) New York Law Journal (Lead Article to Special Section on Court of Appeals and Appellate Practice) S2 (August 25, 2014)

    • Brescia, Raymond H.Embracing Disruption: How Technological Change in the Delivery of Legal Services Can Improve Access to Justice (Forthcoming, Albany Law Review)papers.cfm

    • Connors, Patrick M.January 2013, July 2013, January 2014, July 2014 and January 2015 Supplements to Siegel, New York Practice (5th Ed. 2011; West; also available on Westlaw)

    • Hirokawa, KeithCo-authored article "Towards Engaged Scholarship."

    • Hirokawa, KeithProfessor Hirokawa co-authored "The Most Important Research Questions Regarding Urban Ecosystem Services."

    • Ouellette, AliciaProfessor Ouellette co-authored with a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, a empirical piece assessing ADA compliance of technical standards for admission to U.S. medical schools. She and the rest of the research team will be presenting their results at the AAFP annual meeting.

    • Ouellette, Alicia

      Selection Against Disability: Abortion, ART, and Access

    • Professor Kearns is a contributing editor to the 6th edition of Effectively Represending Your Client Before the IRS, an American Bar Association publication.

    • Hill, Dorothy E.

      Independent Monitoring as a Tool to Protect, Empower and Integrate Unskilled Guest Workers and to Assist Employers Navigate Complex Guest Worker Requirements

    • Heverly, RobertProfessor Heverly is working on an amicus brief with help from students from the pro bono program in a U.S. national security whistle-blower case in the U.S. Supreme Court.

    • Hutter, Michael J.

      Excited Utterances and Present Sense Impressions - Time to Reevaluate?

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