Faculty Publications


Below is a list of recent faculty publications - use the list on the right to access publication listings on individual faculty profiles.

You can also search for publications by Albany Law School Faculty on SSRN​.

    • Bloom, Ira Mark2014 Supplement to Fundamentals of Trusts and Estates, 4th ed., LexisNexis 2012 (Roger W. Anderson, co-author)

    • Bloom, Ira MarkTeacher's Manual to Accompany Fourth Edition of Federal Taxation of Estates, Trusts, and Gifts, LexisNexis, 2014 (Kenneth F. Joyce, co-author)

    • Connors, Patrick M.Impact of Supreme Court Decisions on New York Practice, New York Law Journal (June 18, 2014)

    • Bloom, Ira MarkFederal Taxation of Estates, Trusts, and Gifts, Fourth Edition, LexisNexis, June 2014

    • Sundquist, Christian B.Genetics, Race and Substantive Due Process, 20 Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice 341 (2014)

    • Breger, Melissa; Lynch, Mary A.From Kate Stoneman to Kate Stoneman Chair, Katheryn D. Katz: Feminist Waves and the First Domestic Violence Course at a United States Law School, Albany Law Review 77 (2014)

    • Lytton, Timothy D.Oversight in Private Food Safety Auditing: Addressing Auditor Conflict of Interest, WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW (2014) (with Lesley McAllister)

    • Lytton, Timothy D.Jewish Foodways and Religious Self-Governance in America: The Failure of Communal Kashrus Regulation and the Rise of Private Kosher Certification, 104 JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW (2014)

    • Connors, Patrick M.252 (no. 38) New York Law Journal (Lead Article to Special Section on Court of Appeals and Appellate Practice) S2

    • Connors, Patrick M.252 (no. 13) New York Law Journal

    • Connors, Patrick M.251 (no. 116) New York Law Journal

    • Connors, Patrick M.January 2013, July 2013, January 2014 and July 2014 Supplements to Siegel, New York Practice (5th Ed. 2011; West; also available on Westlaw)

    • Lytton, Timothy D.Moving Beyond the Battle over Eco-Kosher: Kosher Certification as a Model (Not a Means) for Ethical Food Labeling, Just Balances, Just Weights: Essays on Jewish Business Ethics in a Modern World (2014)

    • Connors, Patrick M.SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!, 251 (no. 14) New York Law Journal (January 22, 2014)