Institute for Financial Market Regulation

Institute for Financial Market Regulation


with The University at Albany

Albany Law School and The University at Albany have been working with practicing professionals since 2006 to educate students and research critical issues in financial market regulation.

Our program seeks to generate skilled professionals required to improve the regulatory system for the financial industry, as well as provide critical research and analysis for the industry. Our approach draws from the different disciplines required to comprehend the breadth of financial market regulation, specifically:

the business of financial markets

the law of financial regulation

public policy affecting the markets

the information technology systems that drive regulation systems

Our partners include regulatory organizations, law firms and financial firms.

Our research focuses on how business, law, public policy and technology shape financial regulation today.

Our students gain knowledge and skills that prepare them for supervising the complex world of financial markets. 


We network closely with the New York Stock Exchange, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and the Securities Industry and Financial Market Association:

Students hold summer internship positions

Established a speaker series

Albany-based classes have started visiting the New York City-based organizations to meet a variety of professionals

Professionals have visited Albany to speak and meet with students in the programs

The two schools and its partners are pursuing a variety of projects, including:

Studying levels of regulatory activity in each of the 50 state governments

Working with the regulatory institutions to alleviate their overwhelming workload by organizing projects faculty and students can perform

The Regulation Major and Minor

In 2008 the University at Albany established a major and minor in Financial Market Regulation. Course work includes such areas as banking, insurance, finance, money markets, law, public policy and information technology.

For More Information

Contact Professor Christine Sgarlata Chung at 518-445-3389 or, or visit the Univerisity at Albany's Institute for Financial Market Regulation.