Center for Excellence in Law Teaching (CELT)

CELT's mission is to provide legal educators with the resources to provide a pedagogically sound and innovative program of instruction to meet the changing needs of law students and legal educators, as well as the clients lawyers ultimately serve.

The Center serves as a web-based clearinghouse for material on teaching and curriculum development, legal education reform and the ABA accreditation revisions based on the "Student Learning Outcomes" movement; CELT also hosts the Best Practices for Legal Education blog.

Internally for Albany Law School, the Center hosts faculty teaching exchanges; creates community-wide dialogue on legal education reform; and facilitates the exchange of syllabi, teaching methodology and curriculum development literature, as well asassessment material.

Albany Law School has long had a reputation for its practical approach to preparing students for careers in law. CELT will continue this work by inspiring law faculties to enhance methods of delivering legal education, and promote the evolution of legal pedagogy through thoughtful dialogue.

​Faculty Workshops: