Special Gifts

Special Gifts


A Gift to Endowed and Distiniguished Professorships
Recruiting and retaining star-quality faculty is a top priority for Albany Law School. The quality and reputation of faculty builds credibility for the law school within the academic community, with law firms and with leaders who shape the legal and public agenda, helping us to recruit the best and brightest students, as well as increasing the value of an Albany Law School degree. A strong endowment also allows us to recruit new faculty without increasing tuition.

A Gift to Endowed Scholarships
Each year Albany Law School awards more than $4 million in scholarships funded by alumni, friends and other sources. Scholarships enable the law school to attract the best and brightest students, helping us to maintain our tradition of offering a quality legal education. Scholarships help to ease the financial burden of attending law school for our most deserving students and enable them to concentrate on their studies, as well as affording them time to gain valuable practical experience through the Clinic & Justice Center, Moot Court programs and other opportunities offered by the law school.

A Gift to Endowed Fellowships
Endowed fellowships afford recipients opportunities to experience firsthand practical applications of their legal studies. They allow Albany Law School to offer students a variety of ways to gain skills and understanding which enhance their education and prepare them to practice law in the work force.

A Gift to Commencement Prizes
Commencement awards honor students for their accomplishments and contributions during three arduous years of law school. Albany Law School recognizes the importance of rewarding student success and is proud to be able to offer these prizes to those who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of a legal education.

The Albany Law Clinic & Justice Center integrates traditional classroom education with real-world experience by providing pro bono legal services to victims of domestic violence, families and individuals impacted by AIDS/HIV, children with disabilities, the unemployed, and low-income taxpayers. These legal services are provided by second- and third-year law students under the supervision of faculty attorneys.

A Gift to the The Government Law Center 
The Government Law Center (GLC) was established in 1978 to promote interdisciplinary study and research in government and the issues facing government and to serve as a resource to all levels of government in the resolving of specific problems. The GLC conducts research and studies, sponsors conferences and symposia, and offers a number of training programs for the public and private sectors. The GLC offers programs in a variety of subject areas including aging law and policy, dispute resolution and mediation, land use and municipal law, and racing and wagering.