Naming Opportunities

Albany Law School has long recognized its generous major donors through the naming of its facilities and endowed funds. Also, major donors wishing to create a memorial to loved ones may choose from the naming opportunities listed below. An endowed scholarship or fellowship or academic prize named in memory of an individual establishes a living legacy that may exist in perpetuity. For more information on naming opportunities, please contact Anne Marie Judge in Institutional Advancement at 518-445-3219 or

Naming Physical Facilities

Opportunities to name facilities will be offered to donors who provide a major gift to the campaign:

The 1928 Building

Building $5,000,000
West Lecture Hall $500,000
Computer Research Suite $500,000
Dean's Suite $300,000
Associate Dean's Suite $250,000
Cafeteria and Lounge $250,000
Faculty Lounge $150,000
Classrooms (2) $100,000 (each)
Seminar/Classroom $100,000

The 2000 Building

Building $2,500,000
South Wing $1,000,000
North Wing $1,000,000
Clinical Legal Studies Suite $500,000
Career Planning Suite $500,000
Lawyering Suite $500,000
Finance & Administration Suite $500,000
Institutional Advancement Suite $500,000
Government Law Center Suite $500,000
Board Room $250,000
First Floor Lobby $200,000
Distance Learning/Moot Court Classroom $200,000

Naming Programs

Government Law Center $2,500,000

Clinical Program $2,500,000
Career Planning Program $1,000,000

Naming Endowed Funds

Endowed Chair $1,000,000
Endowed Distinguished Professorship $500,000
Full-Tuition Scholarship $500,000
Half-Tuition Scholarship $250,000
Endowed Professorship $250,000
Quarter-Tuition Scholarship $125,000

Naming Opportunities
at $100K or Less

Career Center Library
Lawyering Library
Environmental Law Forum
Academic Classrooms
Computer Classrooms
Lawyering Classrooms
Journal of Science and Technology Office
Student Bar Association/Environmental Outlook Offices
$75,000 - $100,000
Law Review Suite
Administrative Staff Lounges
Vice Presidents' Offices
Conference Rooms and Reception Areas $50,000 - $75,000
Annual Lecture Series
Bridge Walkway
Career Center Large Interview Rooms
Directors' Offices
School Locker Room
Career Center Interview Rooms $30,000
Faculty Offices
Administrative Offices
Academic Support Areas and Offices
Endowed Scholarship Fund
Endowed Fellowship Fund
Judge's Bench in Moot Courtroom
Lecterns & Podiums
Endowed Academic Prize Fund