J.D./M.S. in Bioethics at Union Graduate College; Mt. Sinai School of Medicine



Master of Science in Bioethics

The dual degree J.D./masters in bioethics program offered by Albany Law School in conjunction with the Bioethics Program of Union Graduate College and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine offers students interested in pursuing a law degree with a specialization in bioethics a unique opportunity to participate in an innovative, personalized, intensive education program in bioethics. The course of study is designed to prepare students for careers in bioethics, health care, public policy, government or association work, or as practicing attorneys focusing on the health care field. Through a combination of online and on-site courses, students earn a J.D. with a nine-course curriculum in bioethics. They have the opportunities to take courses from leading bioethicists and to study clinical ethics and research ethics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, which is located in a world-renowned medical center in New York City.

The bioethics section of the program starts with an intensive two-week summer proseminar on Health and Human Values taught at Union Graduate College, which incorporates a clinical visit to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. After completing this seminar, dual-degree students take three core courses online (health policy, bioethics and clinical ethics), a required online practicum, a two-term master's project, a one-week on-site clinical ethics practicum, and one-week on-site capstone seminar. Law and bioethics dual-degree students satisfy three master's courses by completing a concentration in Health Law at Albany Law School and may satisfy the Law School's upper-class writing requirement by completing their master's project. J.D./M.S. Bioethics students have the option to complete both degrees in three or four years. Albany Law School is one of the few law schools to offer a joint bioethics degree


The Bioethics Program M.S. in Bioethics degree is worth 12 credits toward a J.D. at Albany Law School. And the Health Law concentration at Albany Law School earns you 12 credits toward the UGC/MSSM M.S. Degree.

Tuition for 2012-2013 is $2,685 per course, exclusive of books. Waivers or transfers may be granted for up to three graduate courses. Twelve graduate courses or equivalent required for master's degree. Four graduate courses are required for the Certificate Programs.


Program Director

Robert Baker, Ph.D.
Professor & Director, Center for Bioethics and Clinical Leadership, Union Graduate College; Professor of Philosophy, Union College


Associate Director

Rosamond Rhodes, Ph.D.  
Mount Sinai School of Medicine


Faculty and Staff

Nada Gligorov    
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Jane Greenlaw, R.N., J.D.  
University of Rochester Medical Center

Robert Orr, M.D.  
Fletcher Allen Health Care & University of Vermont

Sean Philpott, Ph.D.
Union Graduate College

Alicia Ouellette, J.D.  
Albany Law School

Bonnie Steinbock, Ph.D.  
University at Albany

Martin Strosberg, M.A., M.P.H., Ph.D.  
Union Graduate College

Margaret Smirnoff
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Robert Swidler, Esq.
Northeast Health

Ilene Wilets, Ph.D.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Ann Nolte 
Assistant Director

For an application and further information:

Contact: Ann Nolte at 518-631-9860; noltea@uniongraduatecollege.edu

Web:  www.bioethics.uniongraduatecollege.edu

Location:  The Bioethics Program, Center for Bioethics and Clinical Leadership
Union Graduate College, 80 Nott Terrace, Schenectady, New York 12308