Joint Degree Programs

Earn Two Degrees in Four Years
Albany Law School, in conjunction with area colleges in the Capital District, offers several joint degree programs. These programs provide students with a rich educational experience and a broad range of professional opportunities while allowing students to complete two degrees in four years of full-time study.

Students earning a joint degree spend their first year at Albany Law School. The arrangement of the remaining three years is flexible. Students wishing to enroll in a joint degree program must meet the admissions requirements of each school.

Students in joint-degree programs must earn 87 credits to receive the JD degree. In most programs a maximum of 12 credits earned at the Masters institution may count toward the 87 required credits. (For the Union program, the maximum is 13 credits.) This maximum means that students in most programs must earn 75 credits at Albany Law School to obtain both degrees. (Students at Union must earn 74 credits at Albany Law School.)

Joint degrees are available in the following areas:

Joint degree programs offered in conjunction with other schools.